Costum-made jeans - The perfect fit tailored in a traditional manner with upmarket materials

Who does not know the problem when it comes to shopping for jeans? The jeans' legs are too long, too tight around the hips but too wide around your bottom. After realizing you have probably tried on a few dozen of jeans, you are hungry and you need to use the bathroom. The frustration that comes with buying jeans is inevitable. Then also trying on the new pair of jeans in front of your own mirror at home doesn't make it look better. It is hard to find the the perfect fit when it comes to a pair of pants and it can be compared to playing the lottery. According to studies women have to try on 18 pairs of jeans to find one pair that is comfortable and fits, men 12 pair of jeans.

There are other possibilities: With custom-made jeans, which are tailored to fit your own body. The start-up company SELFNATION, which is located in Zürich, Switzerland and has its creative headquarters in Berlin is working on proving this. How does this work, one may ask. Quick and efficient from the comfortable four walls of your own home. You only need internet access and a measuring tape. For women there are currently eight different models available on From classy to timeless to more noticeable styles, there is something for everyone. Men currently have the choice between four different models. These range from tight to wide cut jeans in various different colors. Since 2016 timeless chinos in different colors and cuts (slim or straight cut) are available for our male customers.

The first step after choosing the style for your pair of pants is the personal measurement. You will have to measure eight parts of your body - from your hip to your ankle. The whole procedure only takes about 5 to 10 minutes.

With your given measurements a 3D visualisation is developed where you can preview your personal jeans or chinos. SELFNATION founders Michael Berli and Andreas Guggenbühl explain: "The connection of the art of engineering and fashion design forms the core of our label". The software for the creation of the individual patterns was developed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ). The sewing process then takes place in Germany and the Italian speaking part of Switzerland with upmarket Italian fabric. The representative for fashion development at the Swiss start-up company Selfnation, Sandra Guggenbühl said: "The denim Selfnation uses was manufactured in the most popular Italian factory and our chino twill originates from Germany". She also emphasizes that quality and environment-friendly manufacturing methods are of the company's greatest interests.

The young company with its creative team in IT, mechanical engineering, fashion design and marketing puts emphasis on individuality, value, sustainability and customizing in the fashion industry. "Fashion never goes out of style and it never stops developing. Selfnation wants to accommodate claims with honesty and continuity.", says Annabel Kober, designer and a former employee of Michalsky. She is the creator of perfect balance between creativity, modernism and aesthetics at Selfnation. "We work hard everyday to create custom-made, high-class products that highlight each of our customers individual needs.

SELFNATION is an approved ETH Spin-Off and is supported by VentureKick.

Press releases

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August 2018 Release Kensington Chino Women
July 2018 Release Dusty Blue & Berry Jeans Women
July 2018 Relaunch Classic Beige & Plum Red Chinos Women
June 2018 Relaunch Dark Red & Blue-Green Chinos Men
June 2018 Release Light Green Chinos Women
April 2018 Release White Denim & Summer Specials Men
April 2018 Release White Denim Special Women
March 2018 Fashion Innovation Award
March 2018 Release Seiden & Leinen Denim Women & Men
March 2018 Release Summer Denim & Chinos Colour Collection SS18 Men
March 2018 Release Chinos Colour Collection SS18 Women
March 2018 Release Jeans Colour Collection SS18 Women
February 2018 Pop-Up Store im Zürich HB
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December 2017 Release Geschenkgutscheine
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November 2017 Release Business Trousers Men
October 2017 Release Chinos Winterstoffe Men
October 2017 Release Comfort Selvedge Men
October 2017 Release Cashmere Denim Jeans Women & Men
August 2017 Release Jeans Colour Collection AW17 Women
August 2017 Release Chinos Collection AW17 Men
August 2017 Release Chinos Collection AW17 Women
June 2017 Release Chinos Collection SS 17 Men
June 2017 Release Chinos Collection SS 17 Women
May 2017 Road-Trip nach Mass
April 2017 SELFNATION UK Launch
April 2017 Portrait Kampagne
March 2017 Release Colour Collection SS 17 Women
March 2017 Release Mid-Blue Jeans Men/Women

SELFNATION in the media

SELFNATION in the media

Press Kit

You can download the SELFNATION Press Kit here (Dropbox).


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